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Design/manufacture & development of lightweight suspended concrete flooring systems for use in single, double & multi-storey buildings across Southern Africa.


Suspended Concrete Flooring System - Insudek


Over a period of 35 years Mokete Africa Holdings cc & associate company Litedek Botswana (Pty.) Ltd have specialized in the design/manufacture & development of lightweight suspended concrete flooring systems for use in single, double & multi-storey buildings.

As Structural Commercial Engineers this innovative team chose to adopt a long term research & development policy, culminating in the introduction of economical & fast track methods of suspended slab construction


One such development is the INSUDEK system which was first launched in Botswana 15 years ago & has without doubt placed that country on the map in terms of their extensive & on-going use of this simple, cost effective, lightweight, insulated suspended multi-storey concrete slab system.



THE DESIGN CONCEPT & DESIGN DETAILING SERVICES - INSUDEK is a one or two way spanning conventional reinforced concrete ribbed slab, which is designed in accordance with the ruling codes of practice.  The slab is designed as continuous or simply supported & can cater for any loading conditions.   High density, fire retardant Polystyrene blocks are rebated to fit between Lipped Channels with Prefixed Reinforcement.   The combination of the Channels & rebated Blocks act as a permanent shutter for the casting of a +-60mm Structural Topping incorporating anti-crack Welded Mesh Fabric.  45 years ago when the product was originally developed, rebated concrete hollow blocks were used between the ribs. The average weight of these concrete blocks at 250kgs per m2 of slab significantly increases the self-weight of the slab.   It was for this reason that Mokete began to research the use of different Polystyrene blocks over a period 3 decades, finally resulting in the development of the INSUDEK system.

The average weight of one square metre of 190mm high INSUBLOCKS equates to 3 kilograms, whereas the weight of one square metre of hollow concrete/ash block used in other ribbed slab designs equates to 250 kilograms. 


is a massive difference which clearly has a significant impact on both the erection costs                                                        

 Savings have been consistently achieved by developers & contractors as a result of a substantial reduction in costs & construction time

Ironically - INSUDEK was many years ahead of time as with the new SANS 10400-XA Energy usage in buildings only recently promulgated, the use of thermal insulation in construction is mandatory in South Africa. All other African countries will soon follow this critically important ruling 



Given the fact that INSUDEK contributes significantly to the R Value of the Slab combined with an accredited two hour fire rating plus a highly successful history of usage, places Mokete in the forefront of promoting the use of innovative suspended concrete slab designs in the Construction Industry

Apart from developers, MOKETE clients include Structural Engineers, Architects, Quantity Surveyors & Contractors, as each of these disciplines are instrumental in making important choices for the client.                                                                      

Well over two million m2 of INSUDEK have been constructed on Government & Commercial buildings

A cross section of recently completed projects include University & School Complexes – 180 000m2 * Hotels – 35 000m2 * Office Blocks 200 000m2 * Hospital –40 000m2 * Flats -100 000m2 * Banks-10 000m2 * Churches * High & low Cost Houses.


Due to the greatly reduced self-weight of the INSUDEK slab, the cost of the overall structure including foundations, bases, columns & reinforced concrete beams is significantly reduced.  This is reason why the decision to use INSUDEK is taken at the inception of any given project, allowing the engineer to take cognizance of the reduced self-weight of the slab so as to avoid the over-design of the support structure

INSUDEK is constructed on load bearing brickwork/steel or RC beams. In the case of a Reinforced Concrete Framed Structure, the hooked reinforcing bars protrude beyond the length of the channel into the RC beams offering a sound monolithic connection to the main Reinforced Concrete Beams. Concrete to RC beams & slab is cast monolithically

ERECTION & PROPPING - INSUDEK is simple to erect & does not require any lifting equipment or skilled labour.    Steel fixing is not required as the reinforcement is pre-fixed in the channels before being delivered to site.

FINISHES TO THE SOFFIT   - INSUDEK can be plastered by applying a slush comprising of a sand/cement & water based plaster key mix.  When dry a normal plaster or rhyolite is rendered or/ Ceilings can be suspended or/ a new cement ceiling board is fixed to the soffit of the slab - now available from

Mokete.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Recessed light fittings are easily fitted (specifications available)

Taking due cognizance of the ever escalating cost of construction, achieving savings by virtue of making use of innovative, fast track, lightweight, insulated flooring systems such as INSUDEK is a fact now taken very seriously by Developers and their Professional Teams

Mokete Africa Holdings & their associate company Litedek are historically known to provide an outstanding service & are widely respected for their professional integrity & performance record.

These facts combined with an extensive portfolio of projects spanning over MANY decades are critical factors to be considered when specifying a system/manufacturer on large or small contracts.

The demand for the proprietary INSUDEK System continues to increase for these very reasons.

The new energy savings INSUDEK  foundation system which is an economical, fast track alternative to raft foundations is yet another example of Moketes’ dedication & commitment to keeping the Southern African construction industry abreast with rest of the world. 

Mokete Africa Holdings cc & Litedek Botswana

*Exceptionally Fast track

*Inbuilt insulation\acoustic properties

*Lightweight components

*Prefixed Reinforcement

*Reduction in the self weight of the slab

*Acrylic Plaster application to soffit of slab

*No crane

*Nominal transport costs

*Eliminates requirement of formwork

*Nominal propping

*Overall savings in cost

*Savings in concrete

*Superior spanning\design capabilities

*Free detailing service to engineers


Insudek it - In action in  Botswana Bank Gaberone
Insudek it - In action in  House Dale Gaberone